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Solar Solutions  for Industrial plants

                          Rate 1  -  55c per kW.h (09h00-17h00)

                          Rate 2  -  76c per kW.h (06h00-09h00,17h00-19h00)

                          Rate 3  -  34c per kW.h (22h00-06h00)

Figure 1 - Cost and Usage composition of a Plant electrical billPlant Electrical Bill Compositions

  1. Rate 1, which is  typical 09h00-17h00 , is the lowest Cost/Usage combination although the 2nd highest tariff   - this is the time which a Solar Solutions will give the maximum support
  2. Rate 2- Peak Times 06H00  to 09h00 , 17h00 to 19h00 , Make up for 2nd biggest part of compositions, the highest cost but 2nd most power used only, in Summer times we can still get some Solar solution support, but in Winter this is minimal
  3. Rate 3 - Midnight hours , make up for the most power usage, but the 2nd highest cost component. Over MOST of this period we have no Solar solution support,  (Weekday 22h00-06H00, Weekends 12h00-18h00 and 20h00-07hoo , Sundays 24Hours). Solar solutions do however support over the weekends partially

               Cost generated at  Rate 1  -   between 3-4 Years

               Cost generated at  Rate 1 + 2 ,    Between  7 and 9 years

                Cost generated at  Rate 1 +2+3  , between 10 and 13 years.

You can play with some cost options on the calculator and submit to us for advice

Industrial Site Solar Calculator

We can assist you with optimal solutions, please send me your last year electrical bills , for an analyses :

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