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Solar Solutions for Office Block

A Solar solution for an Office block is slightly different than for instance a house for the following reasons :

  1. Computers to always keep operating
  2. Printers
  3. Servers
  4. Switchboards
  5. Critical lights
  6. Security Cameras

The reason why one  could operate an off-grid system, is because the repayment time of a Grid Tie system is definable, it repays itself in 3-4 years years

Where as an off-grid system, has a much longer repayment period-up to 12 years, with this method have the best of both worlds.

 Hybryd grid Tie & Off grid Combined system

Figure 1 - Hybrid Solar inverter,back-up Grid tie Solution

The solar solution for a hybrid system of a certain size is approximately 40% less than the equivalent cost of only an Off-grid system.               

Each system and each application will have it’s own unique requirements. In order to prepare a detailed quote or an example of your specifics, needs to be known

I.e if your current electrically bill is R40000.00, this will probably represent a monthly KW.h usage of around 40000kW.h and a daily (21 Days a month) usage of 1800 kW.h per day.

A full Off grid solar system for such a system will be in the area  R 7-8 Million is exorbitant and hardly viable.

However, if we think a bit different and combine the system, and allow only some 3kW.h for backup power and dedicate the rest to regenerate electricity, then this figure comes down to  R 3Mil. This is much more affordable, and with a R 40000 per month electricity bill, this means a repayment period of some 5-6 years. An expected lifetime of solar products in the range of 20 years, so an expected 15 years “free” power is something to look forward to!

Send us your monthly electricity bill for  2 months (one winter ,one summer) , with a list of your essential products such a computers, etc. and we will gladly assist in proposing a system for your application

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