Solar  solutions  for your farm

solar solutions  for farms in remote regions is a viable option because they do not have direct access to grid-fed electricity.

It becomes more viable to use Photovoltaic solar energy solution  because there is usually a very high cost to get grid-fed electricity to the farm which is for the farm owners account. And the cost of electricity is then supplied at a much higher rate than that for urban areas

Solar Solutions for Farms

So, when doing your sums, you will find that your return on investment for Photovoltaic solar energy solution is much shorter and there-after, virtually free power.

Most farms will access: water from a borehole, river or dam.

The best way to provide power to pump the water from the supply to your water tanks is with an independent solar powered pump system.

Then there is the main farmhouse itself

In the farmhouse, it is usually best to make use of wood, coal, or gas stoves for cooking and hotwater.

One can look at the option of a solar geyser which uses the heat from the sun to warm the water running through special heating Photovoltaic solar energy solution.

For all your other electrical requirements like lighting, TV, computers, fridges, microwaves and washing machines, you would then look at a Photovoltaic solar energy solution  comprising of an array of solar panels with a suitable sized bank of solar batteries and solar regulators and a power inverter.

A typical Photovoltaic solar  solution system for a farm house would comprise of the following components:

Possible extras/additions:

In order to work out a detailed system, you need to do a list of all your appliances and equipment you want to, or are currently using and include all the lights, microwave, TV, computers, fridges, etc. as well as a separate indication of pump requirements for your borehole.

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