Solar solutions for small rural dwellings

Solar solutions   is ideal for small remote rural dwellings where access to grid-fed electricity is absent.

The challenge of providing workable, useful solution is the affordability of the system and simplicity of installation and use thereof.

Primary need for power is usually lighting and radio.


For a small one or two roomed dwelling, a single 11W low watt compact fluorescent globe (CFL) per room will provide ample light at night.

We have designed solar panel solution especially for this specific need.

The solar panel energy systems comprise of a small solar panel which is normally placed on the roof of your dwelling, facing North if you are in the Southern Hemisphere. Alternatively the panel can be mounted on a pole, or on the ground in an un- shaded area.


The solar panel is then connected to a solar regulator (which protects the battery from overcharging), and the lights (DC lighting - CFL) draw their power from the electricity stored in the battery.


This solar panel solution will provide basic lighting for about 5 – 6hrs per night.

Radio, black and white Television and Cellular phones are primary sources of entertainment and communication.

By adding a few components to Solar panel system RD1, one can have sufficient power to add these basic appliances and have a few hours use of each per day.


This photovoltaic solar energy solution will provide basic lighting for about 5 – 6 hrs per night, plus run a small radio for 8 – 10 hrs plus a small TV.

A cellular phone charger uses such a small amount of energy, and should be able to keep a cellular phone fully charged for daily use.

Because all photovoltaic solar energy solution  are modular, one of their biggest advantages is the ability to add additional components to the solar system at any time, in order to gain more power which will allow you to use existing appliances for longer each day and/or add other electrical appliances.

We therefore sell all the components of photovoltaic solar energy solution  RD1 and RD2 individually.

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