Solar Solutions  to  replace Eskom electricity

Before ”jumping” into your solar solutions project to replace your mains electricity supply, the most important point to remember is that solar solution is not boundless.

You are limited to the amount of power that you have stored in your solar deep cycle  batteries, whereas the limitations on power supplied by the main grid can be seen as virtually endless.

However there are definite benefits to supplying your own power needs, and contributing positively towards the alleviation of global warming and towards a greener environment

eskom-load-sheddingWhen you consider using solar solution as a replacement for mains electrical supply, it is important to know the differences and capabilities of solar power systems compared to mains or grid-fed electricity.

The following appliances are not suitable for use with solar power solutions:(its possible though but not feasible)


Most other household electrical items can be run from your solar solution , but we must look at the energy efficiency or each appliance.

For example:

If you have the opportunity to influence the design of your home or office beforehand, then you can make the best decisions with regards to the overall energy efficiency of your home or office, like a good north facing roof area for your solar panels to efficient insulation in your walls and ceiling for cooler summer and warmer winters.

The more electricity that you use in your home or office, the more it will add to your initial investment cost of your photovoltaic solar system in order to meet your overall power need.

We offer complete system designs with sufficient examples on how to convert and the steps to follow on the other pages of this website.

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