How a Photovoltaic Solar Power systems work

Photovoltaic Solar Energy, is simply taking power from sun rays, store it in batteries, and then convert the battery energy into electric AC Voltage.

Photo- Means Light.

Voltaic - Means Electric.

Photovoltaic Solar energy is quite simply then power taken from the sun’s rays and converted into electrical energy. You guessed it - "photovoltaic panel" is the more technical term for "solar panel"

How is solar energy converted into electricity?

The solar panel is photovoltaic. It takes light from the sun and converts it into electricity through semi-conductors into DC electricity.

The DC electricity generated by the photovoltaic solar panel is channeled through a solar regulator to a battery or bank of batteries, thus acting as a charger and storing the charge in the solar deep cycle battery.

The solar regulator is there to ensure that the battery is charged properly at the correct voltage and is not damaged in any way.

Any DC appliances can then be run directly from the battery, but AC appliances will need a dc ac power inverter to change/convert the DC power stored in the battery into AC electricity of 230V AC or 115V AC in some countries.

Lets explain a solar system   a bit different:

A Solar Solution is Compared with the Working of a Petrol Car Solar Solutions Header Photo mobi