Solar Solutions for homes and offices

Running your home or office on solar energy power

In reality our ESKOM supplied electricity , compared to the cost of solar solution sources such as photovoltaic Solar energy system or gas are still very cheap.

 For this reason it is still difficult to justify a high cost of a solar solution  in order to create the same power facilities as those offered by ESKOM. ( Although very cheap product come into the Market which create a false sense of reality)

Weneed to also include other realities such as:

One should use basic logic in order to consider converting to a photovoltaic solar solution:

Yes, its possible to start with a small solar solution , and build up an up to a complete big independent solar solution/system, without making any part of the system  redundant while expanding, but this do need careful planning and correct product purchasing as first prize.


The correct procedure to follow to get the right Solar solution for your house or office  are as follows:

First: Investigate your monthly electricity bill for the kW.h Usage(Kilowatt Hour Usage).

Water and Electricity bill , use this to establish your current Monthly Power usage in order to design a Solar Solution

You can also refer to our SOLAR Calculation sheet to help


Please note: Hot water geysers are seen as a separate entity, as they make use of the heat of the sun to warm water circulating through specially designed heating panels.

Below is an example of a complete solar  solutions(Demo Only)

Please note that the pricing reflected provides a guideline only – contact us for an official quote.

Here is a scenario of common household power usage and the relevant costs to run such a system with photovoltaic solar power solution:

You can also use our solar calculator


To provide lighting and use of common household appliances:


If we add fridge and freezer to the equation, which must run 24/7 will add cost in the form of at least 4 more 250W panels and 4 more 180A.h batteries.


Starting/planning a solar system solution for your home can be done in stages:

Let us say that we start with a solar system that will provide power for a TV, DVD, DSTV, a radio and cell chargers and say 10 x 15W lights:

In this first stage we will include a power inverter that will accommodate future needs as well.

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

The following components would all be added to those already installed in Stage 1

Stage 3 could be a duplication of Stage 2, thus allowing the addition of a small chest or single door freezer as well.

Stage 4: Hot water can be generated through the installation of a 200l solar geyser system.

This should give you a good idea of the limitations and approach to design and costing your system.

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