Photovoltaic Solar power solution for holiday home

Providing photovoltaic solar power energy  for a holiday home must in some aspects involve a better understanding of solar energy solutions than that required to make a decision on a completely independent solar powered energy solutions  required for every day use


Well, firstly, one must know how often the holiday home will be used and for what period of time

holiiday-home-solar-systemsMany holiday homes are used only on weekends. If this is the case, you can design a solar system that takes into account that there are normally at least 4 days in which to charge the system, followed by 3 days if usage.

In this solar system design one can get away with fewer or smaller solar panels, and use a bigger solar battery bank for power storage.

Typically, weekend getaways you are only looking at basic lighting, perhaps music centre, TV and DSTV, camera and cellphone battery recharging (option 1 below)

The use of microwaves, fridges, and hairdryers facilitate the need for a larger power inverter in the solar energy solution component mix (option 2 below)

One can already distinctly categorise the above 2 scenarios for a solar power solution for a holiday home and we give suggested solar powered systems below. Please note that the pricing the is suggested is for budgetry guidelines only and should you require a comprehensive quote then please contact us.

Option 1

Option 2

The options are widespread.To find the optimal design the following information is Important:

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