Solar Solutions  for 4 x 4

For many the great outdoors has become a great place to go, to relax, to camp out and traverse over rough terrain in their off-road 4x4 vehicles.

The challenge is how to keep your fridge running, and perhaps run some lights and be able to charge the camera and cellphone batteries.

Solar solutions provides the cleanest and most environmentally friendly solution making solar panels one of the most useful 4x4 accessories around.


4x4 accessories: photovoltaic solar panels

Where there is sufficient space on the roof of your 4x4 vehicle, trailer or caravan one can opt for permanent installation of solar panels. The draw back to this option is that you will then need to park the vehicle in the open, away from trees that can cast shadows over the caravan , greatly reducing their efficiency.

The best option is usually to have some form of racking or storage system for your solar panels and then once at your camp site, to set up the solar panels out in an open clearing nearby.

A basic solar powered system for 4x4 and camping enthusiasts would comprise of the following components:

What size system do I need?

To accurately determine the correct size and number of photovoltaic solar panels,solar  regulators, solar batteries and solar power inverters that you need, you need to determine your total power requirement.

A typical solar system to run an Engel 40 litre or National Luna 40° fridge and some basic lighting would comprise of the following components:

From our experience, a 1 x 80W solar panel is on the edge of being support to maintain and to operate a 40L fridge.

2 x 80W solar panels or 1 x 120W solar panel is more than sufficient to support your fridge. In contrast, an 80L National Luna fridge requires a 150W solar panel or 2 x 80W solar panels.

The 80W/85W/90W solar panels are  a practical size to use on 4x4 applications. They’re not too big to pack and the size is easy to work with.

PlanMyPower will happily supply you with all the items, as well as extension cables and easy frame to stand solar panels up. Refer to our dedicated 4x4 solar site for more specifications.

So, there you have it on 4x4 accessories, caravan solar panels, and solar power for your camping trips

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