Solar Calculation for Industrial Sites    
1 Fill in your Electrical rate which you pay per KW.h      
  Rate 1   Rand/kW.h   06H00 - 09h00 and 17h00-19h00 (0 on Saturday and Sunday)
  Rate 2   Rand/kW.h   09h00-17h00 and 19h00-22h00  
  Rate 3   Rand/kW.h   22h00-06h00 + Sundays    
2 Fill in your average power kW.h usage per Month/per rate    
  Rate 1   kW.h    
  Rate 2   kW.h        
  Rate 3   kW.h    
3 Totals (these should more or less tie up with your billed totals)    
  Monthly Usage kW.h    
  Average Daily use kW.h    
  Monthly Cost (direct)    
  Average Daily Cost Per Day   Usage Cost    
  Average cost Rate 1 Per Day Rate 1    
  Average cost Rate 2 Per Day Rate 2    
  Average cost Rate 3 Per Day Rate 3    
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Composition of Costs and percentage usage  of each Rate component  
4 Estimated cost of a Grid Tie Solar System to Replace   
  Rate  2   Mid Day Usage  
  Rate 1 + 2   Daytime Usage  
  Rate 1+2+3   24 hours Usage  
5 Repayment Period ( For different  size systems)  
  Eskom Annual Increase     
  Interest  rate    
  Rate 2 - Period Only Years    
  Rate 1 & 2 - Together Years    
  Total  Replacement  Years    
Copyright : Dr Gawie van der Merwe  

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