Photovoltaic Solar energy solutions- Plan My Power are alternative  & Renewable energy solution specialists. We offer complete tailor – made systems to suit individual need through consultation and assessment. We are also retailers of photovoltaic solar panels (solar panels), power inverters, solar regulators, solar batteries, deep cycle batteries, solar lights, solar street lights, solar pumps, security lights and solar power inverters which are all part and parcel of solar power systems.

The website focus on information in order to supply yourself with the correct (at the time) and best information in order for you to able to make an informed correct decision.

Our experience is sadly that most of the photo voltage systems out in the field is not delivering what is promised to do, we therefor offer you not only the knowledge,but also give you tools to "ask the right questions", so that you are you are sure what you buy is what you get.

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Plan My Power is situated in Randburg (Johannesburg) in South Africa.

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Photovoltaic Solar energy Power Systems (Solar Panel)

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